In Dr. Woyak’s office, we’re proud to offer services to patients who are dealing with a broad range of conditions and diseases. With the experience and continued education that Dr. Woyak encompasses, she continues to be one of the leading care providers for effective drug-free care. While direct contact is one of the best ways to determine if we can help you, you can learn more about the types of patients we see most frequently below.

- Diabetes Care

When diabetes patients come in, we take a comprehensive health history to learn more about them and how their health has changed over the years. To dig deeper, we will also do a neurological exam and physical exam in order to pinpoint any small issues that need to be addressed. From there, we will be able to create a solution plan that's specific for their needs. We also request that patients regularly return so we can update their bloodwork and testing to monitor progress.

- Thyroid Care

Many of our thyroid patients come to us looking for an alternative to the medication route or answers to questions their doctor hasn't been able to provide. Instead of turning you away, Dr. Woyak will listen to your concerns and dig deep to find the exact issues that are contributing to your fatigue, sadness, trouble losing weight, or any other symptoms. From here, she has patients get comprehensive blood panels that look at the 10 different thyroid markers. In addition to this, Dr. Woyak will perform comprehensive exams that are followed by a personalized care plan.

- Hormone Care

Hormone issues can be complex, which is why patients who are struggling with these are given comprehensive lab work and exams to find any deficiencies, deficits, or imbalances. Once those are pinpointed, a care plan can begin. With continuous work, many patients are able to improve their health and minimize most of their symptoms.


Our ADD and ADHD care is a service that we're proud to offer because we understand how stressful it can be for children, adults, and families. To ensure the best care possible, we incorporate the most comprehensive neurological exams into our initial intake. This is complemented by a physical exam as well as our standard health history evaluation. For many, we're able to make improvements using brain-based exercises, supplements, and other specific solutions.

- Improving Health

For individuals who aren’t aware of any existing health issues but don’t feel their best, we’d love to help. Dr. Woyak has the tools, knowledge, and experience to assist each individual with learning more about their health. Our priority is always to help, educate, and improve health.

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