Where To Turn For Help For A Digestive Disorder

Have you been experiencing painful, yet puzzling symptoms with your digestive system and you don’t know why? Do you suffer from painful cramps, as well as gas and bloating? Do you frequently have either constipation or diarrhea, or worse do you suffer from both? What can you do? How do you find relief?

It can be hard to find the courage to call and make an appointment with a naturopathic doctor, especially when you are suffering from symptoms which can be embarrassing. Many people consider their bathroom habits and their bowel problems to be very private matters. Even if you are a person who considers these matters to be no one’s business except your own, there are some things that you must share with your practitioner so that you can stay healthy (or if you are unwell, so that you can feel better). You should be open and honest with your practitioner so they can determine which tests you need as well as which health condition you might have. No one wants to tell their personal business to an almost stranger, but it is important to be up front and clear with your practitioner. 

If you are having so many episodes of diarrhea that you can’t leave your house on some days, then you need to call for an appointment. Then you need to follow through by keeping your appointment and being truthful with the practitioner. They need to know how many times a day you are using the toilet and for how many days you have been affected.

 If you haven’t been able to have a bowel movement and are so constipated that you haven’t had one in many, many days, then you need to be seen, and tell the practitioner how often this constipation occurs.  If you are experiencing painful bloating and gas with no apparent cause, then your practitioner needs to hear about it. 

There are many digestive disorders, some of which can affect more than the digestive system. And some symptoms can range from mild to severe. A person could have problems with their skin or their joints, as well as a mild symptom of digestive distress. The person might assume they just have sore, stiff or swollen joints or sensitive skin and consider those things unrelated to their specific tummy trouble, when in truth the symptoms could be related or interconnected. A person should not guess or make assumptions when it comes to their health, because symptoms that seem unrelated could actually be hiding a potentially serious health condition. When it comes to health, a person can’t be too careful. The old saying “better safe than sorry” definitely applies to your good health.

So, does any part of this article apply to you or someone you know? Are you experiencing symptoms of digestive illness? Is it time to look past the possible embarrassment that can happen when you talk about bowel movements and gas with another person, so that you can begin to feel better? Don’t wait until you’re in near-constant pain and desperate for relief. Call for your appointment today.