Madison Thyroid Help: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Low Thyroid Symptoms

Are you living a busy life with a job, kids, errands to run and a house to keep up with? If you are, then this means you’re probably not able to pay as much attention to your health as you should. Unfortunately this can mean letting a low thyroid problem slip through the cracks until finally it comes to the surface and really affects your health. Have you been noticing fatigue, depression, sensitivity to cold, dry skin or that your hair is falling out? These are all common symptoms of a low thyroid problem that often go ignored, especially since they can be associated with a number of other health problems.

Should You Address Your Low Thyroid Symptoms?

You’re only noticing your symptoms now, so is it really important to get help? Yes. Remember, just because you have only noticed symptoms now, doesn’t mean the problem has only just started. Low thyroid is a slowly progressing health issue, and continues to cause damage as time goes on. This means those symptoms will continue to get worse in the future and will not simply go away. Although low thyroid problems are common today, you should not treat yours with a grain of salt. You should address it as soon as possible so you can avoid future damage to your health and find solutions that work for you.

What if You Do Nothing?

If you allow your low thyroid problem to go on without doing anything, your health will continue to decline. This might mean a little bit more fatigue at first, but in time it could cause excessive hair loss, problems with your weight, extremely dry skin, constipation and even depression. This is why even if you’re running on a busy schedule it’s important to address your thyroid and see a health care professional who can help you. A functional medicine doctor is an example of someone you can see, who will provide you with comprehensive care that makes a difference.

Receiving High Quality Care

When you take the time to see a functional medicine provider, you’ll discover just how worth your time they are. They start your care with comprehensive testing that uncovers the root cause of your thyroid problem. You otherwise wouldn’t receive this testing, as most typical doctors don’t have access to it. After analyzing the results they’ll know more about the imbalances, dysfunctions and deficiencies that have been affecting your thyroid. The next step will be creating a personalized wellness plan for you, which is drug-free and designed to get your body functioning as a whole once again.

If you commit to long-term care with your functional medicine doctor and use the solutions they give you, you may find that better health isn’t out of reach. In fact, you may find that your symptoms dissipate sooner than you anticipated and that you start feeling better than you have in a while. If you want to start living better and doing good for your health, why not start now?