Madison Thyroid Help: My Thyroid Medications Don’t Seem To Be Working, Why?

Thyroid conditions are on the rise in America today. Did you know that an estimated 20 million Americans currently suffer from a thyroid disorder and 12% of the population will develop a thyroid condition in their lifetime? Many patients are taking hormone replacement medication for their thyroid dysfunction, yet they’re still suffering from their symptoms. Why does this happen?

The reason they still experience symptoms of thyroid disorder is because the root cause of their condition is being overlooked. Traditional medicine typically only runs tests on TSH levels in order to diagnose thyroid disorders, however there are actually six to eight other markers that should be tested as well. Medication only successfully serves one of those markers, so if you have multiple causes to your thyroid condition you may still experience symptoms even while taking medication. 

The key to finding the root cause of your thyroid condition is to utilize comprehensive testing and many patients are finding answers and achieving long-term results by working with a functional wellness practitioner. These providers use comprehensive examinations and laboratory testing to determine where imbalances may be occurring in your body. 

With a focus on caring for the body as an entire operating system rather than just managing isolated symptoms, functional medicine providers offer care that is natural, safe and effective. Using your test results as a guideline, your provider will recommend natural therapies and lifestyle changes that are based on your individual needs. This is much different than the “one size fits all” approach that you find in traditional medicine. Unfortunately, if you’re medication is not working your traditional practitioner doesn’t have many other options to offer you other than adjusting your dosage. 

By caring for the body as a whole operating system, you have the best chance of effectively managing your condition for a lifetime. Your functional medicine doctor will teach you about your condition so that you’re able to make educated decisions about your health care. The goal is for you to take charge of your own health and understand what triggers your condition and why.  Functional medicine providers are helping patients to break their reliance on a health care system that may not be working for them. 

If you’re taking medications that don’t seem to be working for you, and you’re tired of return trips to your doctor that yield little to no results, it may be time to seek out another option. Visit a functional medicine doctorto learn how they may be able to help you.