Madison Nerve Pain Help: Understanding Your Health and Neuropathy

How well do you understand neuropathy and the impact it has on your health? If you’re like most, you’d like to learn more, so you can take better care of yourself and have a better understanding of this issue. Whether you’ve had neuropathy for years or it’s something new to you, it’s never too late to learn more. The information below can get you started.

There are Many Causes of Neuropathy

Neuropathy has many different causes, many of which can be left ignored because patients never receive in-depth testing to uncover them. In order to identify what’s triggering nerve damage and the other neuropathy symptoms you experience, you must work with a care provider who utilizes comprehensive testing for each patient. With that, you’ll be able to learn more about what’s going on inside of your body and the health issues that need to be addressed in order to achieve better health.

Painkillers Aren’t the Only Solutions

Painkillers are the go-to solutions that most physicians prescribe to their neuropathy patients. While these may be necessary for some, they don’t do anything to actually improve health. If you want drug-free solutions that are tailored to you and the conditions, deficits, imbalances, or other issues that are triggering your neuropathy, working with a functional medicine practitioner is essential.

Your Diet Can Worsen Neuropathy

Eating an unhealthy diet loaded with simple carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol, gluten, and saturated fats can increase nerve damage and your symptoms. If you want to prevent further deterioration, cleaning up your diet is crucial. This means eating lean proteins, fresh vegetables, healthy fats, and less alcohol.

Making Self-Care a Reality

When you understand more about your health and how neuropathy impacts it, taking better care of yourself is possible. In fact, this can even mean being less reliant on your doctor because you’re able to make healthier decisions each day. While neuropathy can be no doubt difficult to manage, it’s not impossible with the right tools and knowledge.