Madison Nerve Pain Help: Are Painkillers The Only Option for Neuropathy Care?

Neuropathy is a chronic health condition that left unmanaged, typically worsens over time. The most common therapeutic support for neuropathy in conventional medicine is drug therapy. Unfortunately, mediations for neuropathy actually do nothing for the condition. Pain relievers may mask symptoms, at least temporarily. But they will not prevent, slow down, or reduce the nerve damage in the hands, feet or lower legs. As long as that damage continues, symptoms will return and it’s likely that in time they’ll become more difficult to manage. 

There’s another problem with painkillers for those struggling with neuropathy: side effects. Medications may leave you feeling worse instead of better, or their long term use may pose risks to your health. 

Fortunately, there is an alternative to painkillers when it comes to relief from symptoms. Functional medicine care is often effective at reducing or even eliminating neuropathy symptoms, and it involves no side effects or health risks at all. Functional medicine is quite different from conventional medicine, as it focuses on finding and managing the root cause of the condition. 

Neuropathy may involve a variety of causes. Autoimmune disease, diabetes, exposure to toxins and taking certain medications are some common neuropathy causes. A practitioner who is trained in functional medicine will utilize extensive laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques to identify the specific cause of each patient’s condition. This is the essential first step to effective, lasting care through natural therapeutic support. 

Functional medicine care providers develop a customized plan of therapeutic support based on each patient’s unique needs. Care includes science-based therapies, and results are monitored and measured. This type of natural therapeutic support addresses the root cause of neuropathy symptoms, so symptoms naturally fade as the body recovers and heals.