Madison Hormone Help: You Don’t Have To Live With Hormone Imbalance

As we age, our bodies change. This is a fact of live that everyone (grudgingly) understands. Tasks that came easy to us when we were younger may become more difficult as we age. While we may not like this, we accept it. Because of this acceptance, few people seek out help in an attempt to prevent these changes or mitigate their effect. People therefore accept the fatigue, accept the low sex drive, and accept the problems that they simply chalk up to “aging.” The truth is it is entirely possible to fight these changes, entirely possible to keep the body feeling young, and entirely possible to enjoy a high quality of life no matter how old you may be.

Some of the most profound changes our body goes through happen because of hormone imbalances. When a body has a hormone imbalance, it causes organs and other systems within the body to function improperly, leading to many adverse health issues. Because hormone problems can manifest in a variety of different ways, these can be difficult to identify and correct. Many patients try to fix the symptoms of a hormone problem without actually correcting the underlying hormone problems. This can cause a patient to undergo many different therapies without ever actually getting to the root of the issue.

Working with a functional medicine doctor who is familiar with hormone issues can help prevent these delays and work to get someone feeling right as soon as possible. Through thorough testing of a person’s blood and bodily fluids, along with a very thorough health assessment, a functional wellness practitioner can identify hormone problems, find exactly how they are impacting a person’s life, and work to create a therapy plan that is individually tailored specifically for that person. Since there is no single cause of hormone problems, it is important to work with a health care provider who will work on your particular causes instead of simply correcting the symptoms.

It is also important to work with a functional medicine doctor who will focus on all-natural therapies to correct any problems that exist within the body. Some people rely on synthetic hormones or other dangerous drugs to correct their problems. These hormones or drugs need to be taken for a lifetime in order to be effective and could begin to lose their efficacy over time. By focusing on all-natural therapies to correct your hormone problem, you can begin to not only feel like your old self, you will be on the path of true wellness. This helps people with hormone problems not only feel better but actually live healthier than they ever have.

If you have not felt like yourself and cannot figure out the problem, seek a functional medicine doctor with experience helping people with hormone problems. By identifying issues specifically within a person’s body and creating a therapy plan that addresses them, a person can feel better than they have ever before. To learn more about all-natural therapy plans for hormone problems, contact a functional medicine practitioner today.

-Dr. Ashley Woyak, Forward Natural Medicine