Madison Hormone Help: Understanding Your Hormone Health

Hormone health is essential for the normal functioning and overall health of our bodies. Hormones are the chemical messengers that are secreted by cells and glands, which together make up what we call the endocrine system. Your body produces many different kinds of hormones, such as adrenaline, thyroid hormone, growth hormone, estrogen, testosterone and others. These hormones travel through the bloodstream and act on other cells, tissues and organs in the body to carry out vital functions when they are needed. 

However, when there are problems with hormone balance, such as chronic shortage of a particular hormone, this can have negative, widespread effects on your body. Some common problems that occur due to hormonal imbalances include thyroid disorders (either due to an overactive or underactive thyroid), adrenal problems, infertility, menstrual cramps and many others. Stress is also a common cause of hormonal imbalances. With too much of the stress hormone cortisol, your body’s stress response is constantly activated, which takes a toll on your body and health that worsens over time. 

Hormonal imbalances can cause unwanted symptoms that act as obstacles to having good health. It also interferes with normal functions and can also have negative effects on other hormones, causing further imbalances. It’s important to restore the balance of your hormones in order to get back your health and normal body functions. You can achieve hormone health with help from a functional medicine doctor. This approach aims to, naturally encourage normal hormone production and get your endocrine system functioning optimally. It works from the inside out to provide symptom relief and return your body to a healthy state.

The first step to gaining optimal hormone health, and therefore optimal overall health, is by identifying what hormonal imbalances you suffer from. There are a number of different hormone problems that can either cause an excess or shortage of hormone. Often, it’s impossible to tell just by looking at a person’s symptoms what hormonal imbalances are troubling them. After all, the approach of functional medicine is not just to manage the symptoms, but also to determine their cause in order to help restore your overall health. 

The practitioner does comprehensive testing to assess your hormone health in every system of your body, including your neurological and immune systems. A thorough physical examination, blood tests, imaging studies and other tests are typically used to get a complete picture of your health. These tests are accurate and objective, but your input matters too. The practitioner will take a complete patient history, asking you questions to gain an understanding of your perspective, including how you’re feeling, as well as lifestyle factors such as diet, eating habits, exercise and sleep.

With this information about your condition and state of health, they can formulate a plan that will help you achieve hormone health, so you can feel better and lead a healthier life. A variety of natural therapy options are available to help you overcome the condition you’re facing, whether it’s adrenal fatigue, stress, low thyroid or another hormone imbalance condition. An individualized lifestyle, diet and nutritional regimen, along with chiropractic exercises, will provide much needed energy and nutrients to heal your body and naturally restore normal hormone production in your body.

-Dr. Ashley Woyak, Forward Natural Medicine