Madison Hormone Help: Hormone Care For Frustrated Patients

If you are suffering from imbalances with your hormones and you haven’t found a doctor who will take you seriously, then it might be time to seek other options for care. After all, you know your body well, and should get care that makes you feel like the practitioner is doing everything possible to find out what’s going on. Instead of seeing every doctor in the area, visiting a functional medicine provider is a great choice. This is where you will get in-depth care for your hormones, and where you may be able to finally find out what is really going on. The help you get from these practitioners may be able to bring you a lot of peace of mind, and help you learn what exactly needs to be done to make you healthier as a whole. 

Which Clinic to Visit?

How do you determine which is the best clinic for you to go to? The first thing to look at is the functional medicine doctor that will be helping you. Do they have experience with patients who suffer from hormone problems? Do they focus on natural care instead of simply writing prescriptions? Do they look for the underlying causes of problems rather than simply on the symptoms and how to numb them? There are a lot of questions you will have, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask them. A good clinic will welcome your questions and educate you on how they work, and how they may be able to help you with your hormone problems.

Functional Medicine Solutions

If you’re not familiar with functional medicine doctors, then it’s important to know who they are before you seek their care. They provide a more unique type of care that you probably aren’t used to but can certainly use. These professionals work to find the underlying causes of why you feel the way that you do. In order to do this, they will provide you with a number of different tests and ask you a lot of questions about your health history. They want to know how your body works as a whole, because they need to find imbalances to determine what the best solutions are going to be. 

Appointment times are going to be longer, and you’re going to take more tests than you’re probably used to. These things ensure you’re getting the most comprehensive care possible, and that your hormonal imbalances, if you have any, are being addressed. Once your results are analyzed and the best wellness plan is determined, your functional medicine doctor will give you all the information you need to know. They want you to become more familiar with your body, because you are ultimately going to be responsible for staying on track with the wellness plan.

Even better, the practitioner you see at the hormone clinic will work with you every step of the way to make sure you have all the tools that you need. They will continuously provide you with testing, which will tell them if your hormone levels are becoming more balanced. You may also be able to tell that things are working better, as you may find that your symptoms dissipate, and you feel  “normal” once again. 

-Dr. Ashley Woyak, Forward Natural Medicine