Madison Diabetes Help: The Warning Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes

Are you concerned about symptoms you think may be warning signs of type 2 diabetes? If you suspect you have or may be developing this disease, it’s important to seek professional health care without delay. Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition that can have devastating consequences if complications arise.

It’s never a good idea to take a “wait and see” approach with potential signs of diabetes like these:

  • Increase in thirst or appetite
  • Blurry vision
  • Urinating more frequently
  • Itchy or dry skin
  • Unexplained loss of weight
  • Fatigue 
  • Sores or wounds that are slow to heal
  • Frequent infections

Although type 2 diabetes is among the most common causes of death in the U.S. it frequently goes undetected. Sometimes there are no symptoms. Other times, the individual assumes what they’re experiencing as warning signs of type 2 diabetes are simply due to aging. Whatever the reason, a delay in care for their condition never benefits those with the disease. The earlier it is caught in its development, the sooner the individual can begin to recover and heal, and the less likely it is that serious health complications will occur. 

If you visit your primary care physician about potential warning signs of type 2 diabetes, you might be told you do not have it, but are at risk for developing the disease based on a variety of factors, including lifestyle, diet and your general health condition. You may also be told you’re pre-diabetic, or you may be told you do have type 2 diabetes. In each of these cases, it’s important to take action. You can gain control of your health in order to prevent the onset of diabetes if you don’t have it. You can begin to heal and reverse the condition if you are pre-diabetic, or already have the disease. 

Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to make and sustain the lifestyle changes that most benefit those who are insulin resistant or have diabetes. This is especially true if you’re not exactly sure it is necessary, or what the actual benefits will be. It can also be next to impossible to begin to care for your health on your own, with only vague “recommendations” to go by, and no real support from anyone. 

Those who are insulin resistant, have type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic can benefit from working with a functional medicine doctor to make vital, lasting improvements in their health. When it comes to type 2 diabetes, there are far more opportunities for improvement in how patients feel and in their quality of life than most realize. A functional medicine doctor offers an alternative perspective on type 2 diabetes care and takes a different approach to its management. 

Practitioners who are trained in functional medicine therapy programs for type 2 diabetes take a comprehensive approach to the body’s condition. They do not focus solely on insulin resistance or blood sugar. Instead, through extremely thorough examination, they determine the exact causes of the patient’s health problem. Then, it’s possible to develop a customized therapy plan that helps the patient heal and recover as efficiently and as completely as possible. 

-Dr. Ashley Woyak, Forward Natural Medicine