Madison Diabetes Help: The Importance Of Eating The “Right” Foods If You Have Diabetes

When people suffer from diabetes, they often have other issues related to food. People are aware that they need to closely monitor their blood sugar and avoid foods that prevent blood sugar spikes, but they may not be aware that they are now sensitive to other foods. They may then be eating foods they think are fine but are actually hurting their body. A functional medicine provider can work to identify allergies you may have that exacerbate your diabetes. This way, you can be sure you are eating a healthy diet specifically for your body and are helping yourself to be as healthy as possible.

One common allergy people develop with diabetes is saturated fat. This unhealthy fat can inhibit insulin production and have a major impact on a person’s body. It is generally found in fried foods, meat, and other unhealthy food items. Since it is a major contributor to heart disease, stroke, and other health problems, it is a good idea to cut this out of your diet anyway. But for someone with diabetes, it is especially important because if insulin production is even further impacted by your diet, it can lead to other issues.

Another common food allergy developed by those with diabetes are allergies to corn and wheat. Since the foods we eat have been genetically modified, many people suddenly find that they cannot eat foods that they have been eating their entire life. Gluten intolerance is growing and corn is quickly catching up. People may assume that they are eating well when in reality they are eating foods that are harming them. Cutting out these genetically modified foods and eating organic may be able reduce the ill effects of food allergies. 

Functional medicine doctors can run a battery of tests to determine if this food allergy, or others, affects you and they develop a diet based around your specific needs. Finding which foods are impacting your health can help you feel better and keep your diabetes in check. By eating well and exercising, a person will not only manage their diabetes but may even be able to reverse it. Cutting out foods that cause problems in the body is a necessary step in diabetes management and can help someone thrive even with a diabetes problem. By focusing on true wellness instead of simply taking insulin and hoping for the best, you can live a long, healthy life even with diabetes.

If you have diabetes and think you may have developed a food allergy, a functional medicine provider may be able to help. By thoroughly testing the body and identifying problem foods in your diet, it is entirely possible to feel better and feel healthy. By eating a personalized diet based around your specific health needs, you can keep your body healthy and may be able to reverse your diabetes completely. To learn more about how proper diet and exercise can make your diabetes more manageable, contact a functional medicine doctor right away.

-Dr. Ashley Woyak, Forward Natural Medicine