Madison Concussion Help: Why It’s Important To Follow Safety Tips To Avoid A Concussion

Concussions are incredibly common so they’re not that big of a deal, right? Wrong. Just because concussions aren’t common doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous or a risk to your health. In fact, now that they are being studied in such an in-depth manner, it’s easy to see that they are more dangerous than care providers originally thought them to be. What does this mean for you? It means that following safety tips to avoid concussions is not only important, but also essential.

If you have questions, then it’s recommended to continue reading the information below. You might find the answers you’ve been looking for in addition to useful information about concussions.

Isn’t a Concussion Just a Bump on the Head?

Concussions are bumps on the head on the outside, but on the inside, they are so much more. These injuries occur when the head is shaken back and forth in a rapid motion, and the brain begins to move around inside of the skull. While there is a protective layer around the brain to prevent it from touching the skull, if the movement is rapid enough, it can end up bumping into it. 

Ultimately this can damage the cells of the brain, leaving them without the capacity to function properly. This is why you may have trouble with speech, memory, or even vision after the injury, which are all reasons why preventative care is so important. 

Are Concussions Really That Common?

According to the CDC, every year there are anywhere from 1.6 million to 3.8 million concussions in the United States. This number has increased in recent years, meaning these injuries are only becoming more prevalent among adults as well as children. And while you might think this only happens to those who play sports, it’s important to remember that millions of injuries occur off the field as well. In fact, many injuries are the result of falling, bumping into someone, or even just tripping.

By taking the necessary steps to avoid a concussion, like wearing safety gear and being vigilant about who is around you, it’s very possible you could prevent yourself from being included in these statistics. 

Won’t the Concussion Go Away in a Few Days?

While it’s true that a few days of rest is important for those injured, it’s not true that the concussion will simply “go away”. The damage that’s done is not likely to heal, and may actually get worse as time goes on. This may not be noticeable at first, but in time it could mean being increasingly forgetful, having problems retaining information, or even having problems concentrating at work. These brain injuries should be treated seriously, because the effects of them are quite serious themselves.

When Prevention Fails

Even if you try to avoid a concussion, you’re never guaranteed that you will. If this injury does occur, meet with a functional neurologist to discuss the next steps in rehabilitating your brain.