Madison Bone and Joint Pain Help: Knee Pain Relief Using Drug-Free Options

Does the idea of a non-surgical, drug-free, fast-acting solution to knee pain sound too good to be true? Within the traditional model of health care, it is. But for practitioners who are trained infunctional medicine, such a solution is a reality that’s helping patients with chronic knee pain every day.

The standard approach to knee pain that is chronic is one you probably recognize. The patient is prescribed medications for pain relief, and possibly anti-inflammatories. She may be advised to start taking a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement. Depending on their condition, they may receive one more corticosteroid injections. Possibly the practitioner managing the patient’s condition recommends they consider surgery. 

Yet there is much more that can be done to help chronic knee pain that doesn’t involve medications or invasive procedures. You can work with a functional medicine practitioner to access advanced therapeutic support that can significantly reduce pain, promote healing and restore mobility within just one to two sessions. 

There is a variety of techniques and programs for knee pain support that a functional medicine practitioner may utilize to help you. Your care will be completely customized, because the first step involved in your care is a very thorough examination. Functional medicine considers the body as a whole and goes beyond focusing on the single area of complaint. The knee does not function as an independent joint, but as part of a system. 

The knee may seem to be your primary problem, but patients suffering with chronic degenerative knee pain often suffer with other conditions, too. They may have numbness in their feet, back problems, or issues with the hips or pelvis. If you’re suffering with knee pain, you may also be experiencing brain-based disorders you never imagined were related to the knee—conditions such as depression or anxiety, brain fog, and insomnia. 

Once the practitioner has a comprehensive understanding of your condition, a plan for therapeutic support can be developed that will maximize your recovery. You’ll feel better faster as imbalances are corrected and function is restored throughout the body. 

Functional medicineinvolves a systematic approach to care by using a combination of diverse healing and therapeutic modalities. Laser therapy, unique exercise and movement-based therapies, and hands-on therapeutic muscle work are among the safe, non-forceful components of functional medicine.

Functional medicineis effective at decreasing pain, restoring function, and can help re-establish joint motion. It is truly a comprehensive therapeutic option for chronic knee pain, which is why it is so fast-acting and effective. 

If you’d like to learn more about the best options for knee pain relief, consult with a functional medicine practitioner. Find out if your condition can be helped with functional medicineand laser therapy, or other safe, drug-free and non-invasive therapeutic solutions.