Madison Bone and Joint Pain Help: Best Therapies For Chronic Knee

Chronic degenerative knee pain affects sufferers in a variety of ways, ranging from inconvenient discomfort to extremely painful debilitation. Most people with knee pain find their mobility is affected due to pain, even if they do still have a full range of motion in their knees. 

Pain might occur when using stairs, standing, walking, exercising or even sleeping. It’s understandable why patients seek relief, and why many begin taking medications for pain. Yet despite their best efforts to help patients, health care providers who prescribe pain relief and anti-inflammatory medications fail to provide real relief long term, and often in the short-term, too. When the medication wears off, the individual’s only option is to take another pill—and another, and another.

Drug therapy typically isn’t the best solution for patients who want lasting relief from chronic knee pain. Seeking pain relief through medications is often a trial-and-error process. Pain medications may fail to work at safe dosages. They may also cause unwanted side effects in the short term, including extreme drowsiness, headaches, and gastrointestinal issues such as stomach bleeding. 

Prescription as well as over-the-counter pain relievers may also pose serious health risks when used over time, including kidney toxicity and anemia, depending on what’s taken. Some health care providers advise patients regularly using pain relievers for knee pain to have regular bloodwork to check for health problems that can be caused by medications—medications they are taking in hopes of improving their quality of life. 

Injections or surgery may be the only other solutions you’re offered if you struggle with chronic knee pain. Yet patients often feel reluctant to try more invasive options, as they correctly recognize they’ll be subjecting themselves to additional trial-and-error therapies and additional discomfort and inconvenience in the hope of living pain-free. 

If you’re uncomfortable or dissatisfied with the therapeutic support you’ve received or been offered for chronic degenerative knee pain, don’t assume there’s no other option. You may be surprised to learn that the right functional medicine practitioner can very likely provide safe, natural drug-free therapy that works quickly and in the long term. You can feel better, faster without putting yourself through risky procedures.

A functional medicine practitioner who is an excellent choice for those suffering from chronic, debilitating, degenerative knee pain. The type of care you’ll receive will go beyond hoping something works to relieve your pain. Instead, functional medicine practitioners consider your whole body and how it is functioning—not just your knee. 

It’s common for patients with knee pain to suffer with other issues, such as back problems, pain in the hips, and symptoms in their feet. Some also struggle with brain-based disorders like anxiety, depression or brain fog. When each area of the body that is failing to function properly is addressed, the patient can begin to heal and experience real relief from pain. Mobility can be maximized. The ability to function normally in everyday life can be dramatically improved.