Madison Bone and Joint Pain Help: Are You Confused Where to Go for Knee Pain Care?

Individuals seeking relief from chronic, debilitating, degenerative knee pain often find themselves visiting clinic after clinic with little to show for it in terms of results. Nothing is more frustrating than visiting a practitioner multiple times, or seeking help from different practitioners, because you’re simply not getting relief.

What’s going on with your body? Is it really impossible to enjoy a pain-free life and restore a level of functioning to your knee that allows you to pursue a normal level of activity? Can’t anyone help?

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, there’s good news – you’re on the right track. It’s extremely important that not only you, but your practitioner asks, ‘What is going on with your body?’ Examining and focusing strictly on the area that is causing your pain is unlikely to help you recover from chronic knee pain. In most cases, there is more involved in such chronic, debilitating pain than the knee. A comprehensive approach is far more likely to get you results. 

Functional medicine practitionerstake this type of comprehensive, whole-body approach. A practitioner who is educated in functional medicinewill not simply examine and focus care on the knee, even if you belief this is your sole area of complaint. Oftentimes, an experienced functional practitioner will discover during in-depth examination of his patient’s health that the individual also has problems with her feet, such as tingling or numbness. They may have back problems, or experience hip pain, too. 

In some instances, the comprehensive neurological exam a functional medicine practitioner insists on for every patient reveals a brain-based disorder. This can involve symptoms such as brain fog, anxiety, depression, or insomnia in addition to knee pain. Although knee pain may seem to be what causes you the most discomfort and what prompts you to seek health care, it may not be your only or even your biggest health concern. A whole body approach that includes a comprehensive neurological exam is far more likely to help you feel better and regain optimal health as quickly as possible. You’re also more likely to benefit from long term results with a functional medicine practitioner. 

Functional medicine practitionerswho rely on today’s latest and best technology and advances in their field will be confident about their ability to provide you with answers. Answers in the case of chronic knee pain mean results for such practitioners. How quickly should you expect to experience decreased pain and improvements in mobility? If you work with the right practitioner, it should happen very quickly. 

If you’re serious about getting well and tired of going from clinic to clinic with little to no results, don’t give up hope. Seek out the type of care and support that can really help you. Work with a functional medicine practitioner who will take the time to determine exactly what is going on with your knee and your entire body. Safe, natural, drug-free therapies and techniques can then be utilized to help you recover as swiftly as possible.