Madison ADD/ADHD Help: Safe Ways to Manage ADHD

ADHD can be frustrating for patients because it makes day-to-day life seem difficult and overwhelming. It affects both adults and children and if it’s not properly managed, ADHD can lead to more serious concerns like low self-esteem, depression, and even substance abuse or addiction. It’s also discouraging to hear that your only treatment option is medication, especially when medication can cause unwanted side effects. It can often feel like there’s no hope for reclaiming your normal life when you struggle with ADHD.

However, the good news is that there is hope, and there are safe and effective ways to manage ADHD. Functional neurologyis an alternative to traditional medicine that many patients are turning to for ADHD care. Patients are achieving great success in managing their ADHD in natural ways and achieving long-term results by working with these providers. 

When you work with a functional neurologist,care is based on the complete picture of your health, rather than just on your isolated symptoms alone, and it begins with a complete physical and neurological evaluation. Next, your functional neurologist will create your personal “brain map”, which will allow them to determine the most beneficial therapies for your specific needs. Many times, comprehensive laboratory testing will be included to determine if there are other imbalances occurring in your body systems. This is because your functional neurologist understands the brain-body connection.

When helping patients manage ADHD, in many cases, your functional neurologist will recommend Neurofeedback, which is a form of computer assisted, brain-based therapy that helps restore your natural brain function through the use of light and sound stimulation. This type of therapy is extremely safe, comfortable and proven very effective in helping patients with ADHD and other brain disorders improve their brain function without the use of drugs. Neurofeedback is also helping patients achieve long-term results.

Sadly, many patients struggle with their ADHD, sometimes even for years, because they don’t realize that there are other natural, safe and effective options out there. When you work with a functional neurologist you will receive personal attention, comprehensive evaluation, and customized care. These practitioners are there to support you throughout the entire process and even beyond. They spend time educating you about your condition so that you can make the right decisions on your own about your health care. They not only become your partner, but also your advocate for optimum health and wellbeing. Don’t settle for medication as your only option for ADHD, learn how functional neurologycan help you reclaim your life.