Madison ADD/ADHD Help: How To Manage Complications From ADHD

ADHD can make every day life feel frustrating and overwhelming. For children it can be hard to concentrate in school and many kids get into trouble because of behavior issues. It can be challenging to participate in extra-curricular activities and maintain friendships when you’re dealing with ADHD. It can also result in low self-esteem, depression and anxiety for kids.

While we typically picture the hyperactive disruptive child when we think of ADHD, did you know that it also affects many adults? For adults, it can make organization challenging, and it can create difficulties at work. Many adults with ADHD have trouble maintaining their personal relationships and family life. ADHD can also cause low self-esteem and depression in adults. 

Traditional medicine doesn’t offer a lot of other options for patients with ADHD other than medication. However, did you know that ADHD is actually a brain disorder? There’s a lot of controversy about the effects of drugging the brain, especially in children. It’s highly recommended that you do your due diligence and learn about the medication before taking it or giving it to your child. 

Did you know that there are drug-free options for managing ADHD? Many patients are achieving success by working with a functional neurologistas these practitioners have extensive training on brain and body function. Understanding the brain-body connection, they begin all care with a thorough physical and neurological examination and comprehensive laboratory testing. You may wonder why you need lab tests? It’s because your functional neurologistis looking for the complete picture of your health and needs to see how your other body systems might be affecting your ADHD.

Functional neurologist will also create a “brain map” in order to determine where the imbalances are occurring in your brain. They may use a therapy called Neurofeedback to help manage your ADHD. Neurofeedback is a completely safe and natural way to help your brain improve communication pathways through light and sound stimulation. This drug-free therapy has proven to be safe and effective for helping patients with ADHD and other brain disorders to effectively manage their symptoms and improve their condition.

Don’t let the symptoms of ADHD control your life. You don’t have to struggle just to get by, or take medication that may cause unwanted side effects. Instead reclaim your life by taking the time to learn how a functional neurologist may be able to help you.