Madison ADD/ADHD Help: How To Determine The Cause Of ADHD

In traditional medicine the causes of ADHD are still debated. Many think it’s genetic while others blame it on too much television or video games. Some feel that poor nutrition; sugar and food additives are contributing to ADHD, while others blame pesticides. Whatever the source of the disorder is, it’s important to get help in managing it before everyday life becomes too overwhelming. 

Did you know that ADHD is a brain disorder? Working with a practitioner who has the training and knowledge to properly determine the root cause of ADHD is the first step in effectively managing your condition. A functional neurologist may be able to offer the help that you’re looking for.

Because your body is an entire operating system, when the brain is not functioning optimally, you can bet that other body systems are being affected as well. When there are imbalances occurring in your other body systems it will in turn affect your brain creating a vicious cycle. There are some side effects involved in drugging the brain and this is why medication may not be the right option for everyone when it comes to managing ADHD. For example, a side effect of your medication may be difficulty sleeping, or insomnia, which will cause your provider to prescribe different medication to help you sleep, which now may cause another unwanted side effect and so on.

Functional neurologists strive to provide you with natural, safe and effective care without the use of drugs. They start with comprehensive evaluation and laboratory testing in order to determine exactly which body systems are imbalanced. A brain map is used to determine where imbalances in the brain are occurring and causing ADHD. Your provider will then recommend brain-based therapies that are both computer assisted and natural that will help your brain improve its function.

Believe it or not, everyone has his or her own causes of ADHD. Functional neurologists understand this and that’s why they create customized care plans for every patient. This is very different from the “one size fits all” approach of prescribing medication as a “band aid” for symptoms of ADHD. This type of care gets to the root cause of your disorder and works to alleviate it naturally.

If you or a loved on struggles with ADHD, don’t feel like you have to settle for medication and its unwanted side effects as your only option for care. Visit a functional neurologist today to learn how they can help you restore brain function in a natural and safe way.