Is This You?

The situations below are some of the most common that we see with our patients. If you can relate, then it’s likely you’d be a good fit for care with Dr. Woyak.

- Your Hormones are Out of Control

You're losing hair, having trouble losing weight, experiencing bloating, and can't seem to get your mood in control. In most situations, these are signs of hormonal imbalances that are especially common in women. When hormones fluctuate or are imbalanced, it can leave you feeling unlike yourself for weeks or even months at a time.

When we see patients dealing with hormone issues, we go the extra mile with testing to ensure we know each imbalance or deficit that exists. With this, Dr. Woyak is able to create the most detailed wellness plan possible.

- Your Thyroid Problem is Puzzling

We see many thyroid patients who have been struggling for years to find answers with what’s really going on with their health. Whether you’ve been given medications that don’t work or told that your thyroid problem is in your head, it can be difficult to determine the steps to managing this condition.

Dr. Woyak offers comprehensive thyroid care in order to help answer your questions. This begins with a review of your health history combined with comprehensive blood panels, a neurological exam, and a physical exam. With these, we will have a full picture of your thyroid and overall health that can allow us to create a specific care plan.

- You Want Comprehensive Diabetes Care

Diabetes can be incredibly complex and leave you struggling with fatigue and trouble controlling your weight. While you might have a traditional care provider, their assistance may leave you feeling like the root cause of the issue is not being addressed. If you want more comprehensive care, we’d love to help.

Our diabetes care is detailed and thorough, with in-depth testing made a priority just like it is for thyroid issues. We use the results to create solution plans that can help improve your health and help you feel better. Dr. Woyak will also stay in contact with your regular care provider to ensure any medications they’ve prescribed can be adjusted as necessary.

- You’re Tired of Not Feeling Well

For many, fatigue, trouble losing weight, mood swings, and exhaustion have become a part of their everyday life. If you can relate to this but haven’t had time to focus on your health, it’s likely you’ve just moved through each day while not feeling your best. If it’s finally time to get your life back, we’re one of the best offices to become a patient with. We genuinely care and will do our absolute best to find out what’s wrong and correct it in the most effective manner possible.

- Your Doctor Says Nothing is Wrong

If you’ve visited your doctor for help with your symptoms but have been told nothing is wrong, this can leave you at a standstill with your health. In our office, this isn’t acceptable. We dig deep and leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding out why you don’t feel good. Whether this means running comprehensive blood panels or providing you with every test and exam we have available, we’ll do it. Dr. Woyak and all of the staff here want to help you feel great and replenish your zest for life.

Giving You the Care You Deserve

Working with a new care provider can seem overwhelming, especially if you haven’t “clicked” with your doctors in the past. Dr. Woyak will work to ease these concerns by giving you the personalized attention you deserve in a comfortable setting. Even if you have been to countless doctors in the past, we can offer you a refreshing experience where you are made a priority.

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