Discussing Covid-19 symptoms, prevention, and how to support your immune system on Talk Wisconsin!

Discussing coronavirus symptoms, what to do if you feel sick, protective measures, and supporting your immune system on Wisconsin Women!

Thank you to Dr. Ashley Woyak from Forward Natural Medicine for joining Krista & The Morning Rush and Tracy Anderson on #fitandfabulous this morning. We learned a lot about thyroid problems and what the common symptoms are. She does free consultations. If you are having symptoms she is definitely worth the visit.

Talking all about thyroid health for Best of Wisconsin!

Discussing the link between thyroid and digestive issues on Wisconsin Women

Dr. Ashley Woyak, owner of Forward Natural Medicine stopped by the studio to chat about starting a business based entirely around making the world a healthier and happier place. She talks about the successful principles of working with people doing what you want to do, which leads to knowing that success is the only possible result.

Are you frustrated with the inability to lose weight? Have you tried dieting and exercise and nothing is working? There may be underlying issues that are hindering your weight loss and overall wellbeing.

Supporting high school athletes and discussing Forward Natural Medicine at halftime!

Talking New Year’s resolutions and why they don’t work on Wisconsin Women

Interview at the Dane Buy Local Coffee Fest (4:15-6:15)

Are you dealing with anxiety or depression? Do your symptoms get worse in the winter? This might be a video for you.

Suffering from fatigue, anxiety, depression, weight gain, irritable bowel, insomnia??? Low thyroid function may be the underlying cause!

Do you have fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, or digestive issues? Have you been told you have a “normal” thyroid? Could it be Hashimoto’s disease? Will you ever be able to get off your meds?? Listen up peeps!

Infertility? Weight gain? Brain fog? Menopause? Listen to Dr. Woyak talk about all things hormones with Wisconsin Women