Why We're Different

There are many differences that separate us from traditional healthcare providers. To give you the best idea of these unique qualities, we’d like to share a few below. These are what our patients tend to love most about us and our overall approach to comprehensive care.

- Comprehensive Appointments

In each of your appointments, you’re given ample time to address your concerns, ask questions, and learn more about your health. Dr. Woyak enjoys really getting to know her patients and therefore never rushes through a visit. From explaining what your lab results mean to monitoring your progression, you’ll find that she’s very detailed in everything she does.

- Patient Education

Without understanding the “why”, it can be difficult to implement the changes that Dr. Woyak recommends. This is why she explains your results, offers you resources to learn more, and may even show you in-office videos. Each of these will provide you with more knowledge that allows you to separate facts from misinformation.

- Understanding

We see patients come to us from all backgrounds and with all health concerns. It’s for this reason that we care about each individual and understand how emotionally charged each situation can be. You can come to us knowing we’ll carefully listen and give you the time you deserve to address all of your concerns.

- Focusing on Feeling Better

Our primary concern is always helping you feel better with effective solutions. We don’t overlook any detail because we want to care for you in the best way possible. This is why we continuously monitor your health and compare results to ensure your health is moving in the right direction.

- Bringing Different Approaches Together

Dr. Woyak has extensive experience in naturopathic care, chiropractic care, functional neurology, and functional medicine.

- Naturopathic training has given her an extensive background in medical care with an emphasis on holistic and natural treatments.

- Chiropractic training has given her years of training regarding the systems of the body and how the spine and spinal cord nerves can impact overall health.

- Functional neurology has provided her with an understanding of the brain and how it connects with the rest of the body to keep systems running.

- Functional medicine has given her deep insight into how the systems of the body are connected and why finding the underlying cause of the problem is of critical importance.

She combines her education from each of these to offer our patients a multi-faceted approach. Ultimately, this helps ensure we can do everything possible to help you achieve optimal wellness.

- Helping Patients with Multiple Diseases

For our patients who are struggling with chronic diseases or even multiple diseases, we’re glad to say we can help. Rather than delegating your time between offices, we may be able to roll all of your appointments into one. With the experience, training, and education that Dr. Woyak has, she’s capable of helping with a myriad of health challenges at once.

- Experience with Thyroid, Hormone, and Diabetes

Dr. Woyak is proud to share her many years of experience with patients who are suffering from problems related to thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, and diabetes. While many care providers offer assistance for these issues, most don’t provide the in-depth service that Dr. Woyak has made her standard for all patients.

- Drug-Free Care

If you’re looking for solutions to improve your health by healing the root causes of your symptoms, our office can help. We offer drug-free care that looks for solutions outside of prescription drugs. However, Dr. Woyak will work with your traditional health care providers to ensure medications you’re currently taking are always prescribed with the proper dosage.

- Personalized Solutions

Each solution that Dr. Woyak recommends will be based on your individual exam, test results, and your unique health history. This is why it’s impossible to say what your solution plan will encompass until we have completed all of the necessary evaluations. However, some of the most common that are always fine-tuned for each patient include: supplements, dietary changes, exercise regimens, We never offer generic solutions because those won’t work. We know the importance of listening to your body so each individual issue can be addressed.

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