Madison Thyroid Help: Can Low Thyroid Affect Libido?

When a person has a thyroid issue, it can lead to many different health problems. Commonly, people report weight gain, depression, foggy thinking, sensitivity to cold, and more. But one of the most frustrating problems caused by the thyroid is loss of libido. When the thyroid is not functioning properly, it can lead to problems that can cause issues in even the strongest of relationships. If you have suddenly experienced a loss of libido and can’t understand why, have your thyroid checked for any potential problems.

The thyroid hormone is responsible for many systems in the body. It is responsible for metabolizing food and keeping the body healthy with the energy it needs to function. When this energy is not there, it leads to many problems including loss of libido. Since many people don’t connect the thyroid to the libido, it can lead to patients trying therapies that don’t really address the root of the problem. This leads to frustration and worry that the problem will never be corrected.

Fortunately, a functional medicine doctorcan help with loss of libido and recommend all-natural therapies that can correct these problems. The functional medicine doctor understands that loss of libido is often a symptom of a larger problem, so they will take the time to learn about your individual body, your particular symptoms, and your lifestyle that may be contributing to health issues within your body. Instead of isolating systems in your body, functional medicine provides a holistic therapy that seeks to get the body back in harmony with itself. This can correct libido issues, problems with the thyroid, and other health problems in the body.

A functional medicine doctor will sit down for an extensive face-to-face interview to learn about you as a person and how your symptoms have impacted your life. They will then recommend therapies based on your health needs to ensure you are getting proper nutrition, proper exercise, and that you’re getting the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. There are certain foods, for instance, that may inhibit the thyroid and lead to libido issues. These include processed foods, certain vegetables, and more. A functional medicine doctorwill develop a diet based around your particular health needs to help your body heal itself. Also, they will help you develop an exercise routine that will get you active and give you the energy you need to maintain your libido.

Some people attribute loss of libido to aging. They assume that this is just a part of life, or they are embarrassed about it, so they don’t seek help. This is a very bad idea. In most cases, libido problems can be reversed, especially if they are caused by thyroid problems. You do not have to accept this loss of libido as a new normal. Instead, you can get your body healthy and feel like your old self again. To learn more about how an all-natural therapy routine can help with your thyroid and libido, contact a functional medicine provider right away.