Madison Nerve Pain Help: The Best Approach to Managing Neuropathy

You may have been told the burning, tingling, pain or numbness you’re experiencing in your hands or feet is best cared for with medications like pain relievers. Yet this is a limited approach to managing neuropathy symptoms, because it does not even consider why it is happening. Trying to mask symptoms can’t and won’t get you back to ‘normal.’ It won’t tell you why nerve damage is occurring or what can be done to stop it long term. 

Standard medical care has little to offer neuropathy patients. Medications are basically symptomatic ‘solutions’ that usually don’t work long term. They may involve side-effects or health risks, and their use is primarily based on guesswork. There is a better way than the ‘one size fits all’ approach to health care that is based on masking symptoms. Instead, you can work with a functional medicine practitioner who understands that neuropathy is a complex condition that requires customized care. 

A real, lasting solution to neuropathy starts with an in-depth examination of how your body is working. What you eat, the environment you’re exposed to, genetic predispositions and your specific physiology are just some of the factors that affect how you feel. A practitioner who is trained in functional medicine will investigate the underlying cause of your symptoms through a comprehensive evaluation. 

When all of the data is at hand, an experienced practitioner can develop a plan of therapeutic support that addresses the reason for neuropathy symptoms. You can learn why you are experiencing nerve damage and what can be done to stop it. It’s then possible to bring about recovery and healing through care that is safe, natural and effective. By working with a functional medicine practitioner, you can learn how to rebuild and restore physiological function, so symptoms naturally fade.