Madison Nerve Pain Help: Finding Support For Neuropathy Care

Neuropathy symptoms can significantly interfere with quality of life, and may ultimately involve serious complications. Finding the right support can make all the difference if you’re seeking long term relief from problematic symptoms such as pain and numbness.

In standard medicine, drug therapy is typically used to try to control neuropathy symptoms. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t always work, and medications often involve side-effects that may seem worse than the neuropathy symptoms. In addition, these drugs do not address the root cause of the patient’s condition. Pain killers, antidepressants and other medications may mask some symptoms, but they do not improve the patient’s condition. 

Functional medicine offers a different approach to neuropathy care. Instead of attempting to mask symptoms through medications, a functional neurologist aims to find and address the root cause of the patient’s symptoms. With a comprehensive approach, care that is safe, natural and side-effect free may be very effective at reducing neuropathy.   

Functional neurologists take advantage of in-depth testing as part of a comprehensive evaluation to determine exactly what is causing an individual’s symptoms. Neuropathy tends to be a complex condition that involves a variety of causes. Blood glucose problems, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalance, poor gut health and nutritional deficiencies are a few possible factors that may contribute to this condition. 

A practitioner who is trained in functional medicine will provide the exact type of support your body needs to begin to heal. You’re likely to get the best possible results from therapeutic support that is customized. With a personalized care plan, you’ll begin to feel better as imbalances or dysfunctions are addressed through lifestyle interventions. Once the symptoms of neuropathy begin to fade, it’s easier to get quality sleep, to exercise, and to make lifestyle choices that improve health and safeguard wellness long-term.