Madison Nerve Pain Help: Alternative Forms of Neuropathy Care

Traditional neuropathy care can be helpful for temporary pain relief but is often ineffective for long-term health improvements. In order to encourage healing so pain naturally dissipates and doesn’t get worse, alternative forms of care may be necessary. Since these focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of the pain, patients tend to experience more effective results without the need for prescription painkillers.

Functional medicineis one of the most popular alternative forms of care for this health issue. In addition to making the root cause a priority, it also takes into account the health of the whole body. A few pillars of functional medicineinclude:

– Physical Care

Physical health is crucial in achieving better health overall, which is why many functional wellness practitioners recommend regular exercise. This can come in the form of tai chi, yoga, walking, or anything else that helps condition the body. Acupuncture is another excellent form of care that can help improve blood flow and minimize pain caused by neuropathy.

– Nutrition

Better nutrition can supply the body with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are so important for improved health. This can also help with weight loss, which can reduce pressure on joints and help relieve some pain associated with neuropathy. Many practitioners also recommend herbal medicines and natural supplements to eliminate deficiencies that can trigger symptoms.

– Mental Well-Being

High stress levels can make neuropathy pain worse, which is why meditation, acupuncture, and exercise are highly recommended.

Care That Makes a Difference

Alternative care for neuropathy is worth exploring for anyone who is looking for a different approach to this health issue. It offers an in-depth look at health and effective solutions that are based on what the body needs specifically. While it requires more commitment and change than traditional healthcare, it’s worth it for patients who want to see improvements in their neuropathy and overall health.