Madison Migraine Help: Migraine Headache Therapy

Anyone who has ever suffered from a headache can tell you they can make you feel fatigued, lethargic and generally irritable. Although these feelings are a nuisance they don’t usually impact your ability to function. Migraine headaches on the other hand, can be so severe they can often cause impairment to the patient, to the point of losing functionality.

This is because the pain of migraines is so much greater than with other types of headaches. Other types of headaches can be described as causing mild to moderate pain, whereas migraine headaches can cause moderate to severe pain. Along with pain, patients may also experience blurred vision, nausea, a temporary blind spot, seeing stars or zigzag lines or tunnel vision.

If you are a person who has tried to find solutions that will end your pain caused by migraines there is help available. Using functional medicine doctor to help with pain associated with migraines is a safe approach. Here are some of the benefits of using functional medicine:

Spinal misalignment is believed to cause some migraines. Chiropractors believe that many things can affect this such as, posture, stress, injury and so on. Chiropractors can make adjustments to help properly align the spine. These adjustments can take unnecessary pressure off of the neck and head, which can contribute to migraines. 

For people suffering from migraines they may feel frustrated with the pain but also the lack of solutions for managing that pain. Often times prescription medication works temporarily but doesn’t address the cause of the pain. Functional medicine for patients with migraines may be the answer they are looking for. It does address the cause of the pain. 

So if prescription medications have lost their effectiveness and are causing side effects it may be time to consider a new approach. Working with a functional medicine practitioneris a great idea. They will offer a customized approach to help alleviate migraine pain. They will approach each patient in a unique way. This approach allows them to focus on the nervous system along with interactions between the immune and metabolic system.

Because of their focus and experience in these areas they are able to provide their patients with the most comprehensive brain based therapy services available. If you are exhausted from suffering from migraines and from not finding adequate answers to your migraine questions it’s time for a new approach. By working with a functional medicine doctor,you will have the answers you have been looking for.