Madison Hormone Help: Why Balancing Hormones Is Important To Your Health

While you might have heard of hormones such as estrogen, testosterone or progesterone, did you know there are many more that your body needs for optimal health? Since none of these are insignificant, it’s important to make sure they are maintained and balanced, so the body can function as normal. That’s why if you’re suffering from an imbalance with any hormone, you need to receive personalized care right away. If you haven’t found the help that you want or need, then you may want to consider seeing a functional medicine provider. They understand the importance of hormones when it comes to your whole body health and can help you address your imbalances specifically.

Reasons Why Balance is Crucial

Are you wondering what happens if you don’t address the imbalances that you’re suffering from? There are actually a lot of problems that can arise, and those include:

Whole Body Functioning – Every single one of your hormones has a job to do, and if even one is imbalanced in any way, that can throw off essential functions within your body. This is why it’s so important to have balance, and to address problems as quickly as possible. Think of your hormones like dominoes lined up in a row next to the functions they are responsible for. If one of those hormones became weak from an imbalance, it would fall over and cause problems with the functions it was responsible for maintaining. Unfortunately, that would likely lead to disruptions with functions in other parts of the body as well. 

Symptoms – Your entire body relies heavily on hormones being balanced, and if that is disrupted, then you will start experiencing signs and symptoms of a problem inside. While the symptoms might not be problematic at first, they will likely get worse as time goes on. This will be due to the fact that the root cause of the problem isn’t being addressed, and it is able to continue causing further damage within the body. Unfortunately, as your health continues to decline, you might start to experience additional symptoms that bring down your overall well-being. 

Addressing Your Hormones

When you make an appointment with a functional medicine doctor for your hormone imbalance, you will be making a step towards better health. They will start out your care by giving you comprehensive testing for your hormones and the health of the rest of your body. Through this they can tell you more about your individual imbalances and dysfunctions. You might be surprised to learn the symptoms that arose from your imbalances, and how those were affecting your health. The next step will be to address those imbalances, so you get started on a path towards wellness.

Your hormones don’t have to seem like a mystery that you’re never going to solve. All you have to do is work with a care provider that understands how important individualized, drug-free care is. Your functional medicine doctor can be a wonderful resource, and one that you rely on for guidance and support. They will be there throughout your journey because they’re just as committed to your health as you are. 

-Dr. Ashley Woyak, Forward Natural Medicine