Madison Hormone Help: Things To Look For In A Hormone Doctor

Your hormones play a major role in your overall health, and that’s why you might start to feel sick when they are out of balance. If you have a feeling your hormones aren’t at the levels they should be, then it’s time to meet with a functional medicine doctor. Their knowledge of hormones and how they work within your body makes them the best hormone care providers. They take these types of issues seriously, and always provide a high level of care through personalized service. If you’re ready to take the necessary steps to better your health, then this is the best care provider to start that journey with.

What’s Going on in Your Body?

How many doctors have you seen to try and figure out why you feel the way you do? Are you starting to think that finding answers is helpless? This won’t be how you feel when you see a functional medicine provider, and that’s due to the fact that they offer a comprehensive and unique approach to health care. When you visit with them you will start your appointment by taking comprehensive testing for your entire body, including your hormones. They will work hard to uncover the imbalances and dysfunctions that are the root causes of your health problems. 

Once the test results have been analyzed by your practitioner and they know the issues that need to be addressed, they will begin to put together a wellness plan for you. Instead of prescribing you medications that often come with side effects, they will offer you drug-free solutions that promote natural healing within the body. For example, imagine that you had low testosterone hormones. Instead of giving you medications to numb the symptoms that arise from that imbalance, they may recommend hormonal therapy to restore your testosterone levels. That solution targets the problem at the root and ensures you’re not stuck with medications that don’t actually do anything to heal you.

Why a Long-Term Commitment is Key

Your health will not be restored overnight, so you will need to make a long-term commitment to the changes that your practitioner recommends. This commitment is crucial to your success because it ensures you continue providing your body with what it needs to function properly. If you ever have doubts or aren’t sure if you’re getting better, then all you have to do is speak to your wellness practitioner. Because their care is based on evidence they will be able to show you how your test results have improved over time. 

While you might have the same hormones as everyone else, that doesn’t mean they are in balance like they should be. If you are tired of receiving standardized care that doesn’t address your specific imbalances, then functional medicine is going to be a refreshing change. Once you experience this form of care you’ll see why so many people have switched to it for help with their hormones and other health concerns. Your practitioner will likely become your trusted resource and someone that you are glad you took the time to see.

-Dr. Ashley Woyak, Forward Natural Medicine