Madison Hormone Help: Personalized Hormone Care Is Best

Many people are concerned about their health. People try to eat right, they exercise, and they regularly see their family doctor. They may assume that this covers their entire body and that they are doing everything possible to stay as healthy as possible. One issue they may be ignoring, however, is hormone health. This is a problem because hormones impact so many different systems in our body. By making sure that your endocrine system is healthy and that your hormones are working properly, you can be sure that you are as healthy as possible.

Hormones in our blood help regulate many different aspects of our body. This includes metabolism, libido, ability to think clearly, and more. Even though they are so important, they are easy to overlook. And because the problems associated with hormone issues often resemble other problems, they are easily overlooked by health care professionals. By working with a doctor experienced in identifying and correcting hormone problems, any issues within your body will be quickly fixed.

It is only through exhaustive testing that hormone problems can be identified. This includes taking blood samples and testing them for various hormone levels. Once these levels are tested, a therapy plan can be developed based on your individual health needs. A functional medicine provider will also sit down and learn about your symptoms and how they have impacted your life. By focusing on getting the entire body healthy, you can fix systems that may be out of alignment and causing your health issues. A functional medicine doctor seeks to provide human care instead of just reading numbers on a chart. This provides markedly better health outcomes for many patients and ensures that each patient gets the individual care and attention they deserve.

After this testing and this interview, an individual course of action will be recommended that can help get your hormone levels back to normal. Since there are no two people with the same body, there is not a single way to fix hormone problems in each person. Instead, this will need to be determined based on your health needs. Often, these therapies include personalizing a patient’s diet to make sure they are getting their proper nutrition, improving their exercise routine to make sure their body is healthy, and incorporating all-natural supplements in a person’s diet. These therapies help improve a person’s body and health and, unlike synthetic drugs, they do not contain harmful side effects that can make a person less healthy.

By focusing on all-natural therapies, it is possible for a person to improve their hormone health along with the rest of their body. By working with an experienced functional medicine doctor skilled in correcting hormone problems, a patient can be sure they are getting the attention their body needs. This can help a person with even the most stubborn hormone issues. If you have had health issues and can’t figure out the cause, it could be hormone related. Contact a functional medicine doctor right away.

-Dr. Ashley Woyak, Forward Natural Medicine