Madison Hormone Help: How Diet Can Affect Hormone Levels

One area that people tend to overlook when it comes to their health is their hormones. Since this is an internal issue, many people don’t think to have their hormones checked and many health care providers don’t test them. When people present with problems, many doctors will attempt to work on the symptoms instead of working on the root cause. This leads people to have to continuously see their family doctor, taking a variety of prescriptions in order to achieve optimal wellness. Instead of this, work with a functional medicine provider who will find all-natural therapies to help balance your hormones.

Balanced hormones are important because hormones are responsible for many systems in our body. When one area is out of alignment, it leads to problems throughout the body. This can include weight gain, low libido, foggy thinking, and more. And because these are symptoms of many other health problems, it is very easy to overlook hormones as the root of the problem. By working with a functional wellness practitioner experienced in balancing hormones, you can be sure that the root of your problem is identified and corrected. 

And since every person is different, it is important for the root of a person’s hormone imbalance to be identified. In women, for instance, it may be caused by menopause or from taking birth control. Both of these can wreak havoc on a person’s endocrine system and can cause a variety of problems. In other people, it may be stress from work or from home life. It may also be caused by our diet and not eating as well as we should. In order to correct your hormone problems, finding this cause is extremely important. An experienced functional medicine doctor will learn about your symptoms, your lifestyle, and more in order to identify the root of your problem.

Once the root of your problem is identified, a unique course of action can be developed to get your body back to help. For some people, it may mean changing a diet. If a person is eating too many processed foods or too many animal products that contain synthetic hormones this can cause problems. For other people, it may mean finding ways to reduce stress levels in order to keep hormones in balance. By doing this, a person can be sure they are fixing their unique issue and keeping their body healthy.

If you have hormone problems or worry that your hormones may be out of balance, a functional medicine doctor can help. By learning about your health issues, your lifestyle, and more, a person can keep their hormones balanced and keep their body healthy. This ensures that the body continues working as it should instead of suffering from some of the above-mentioned symptoms. This can help keep a person happy and healthy as they get older. If you have health problems and think that hormones may be the root of the problem, contact Dr. Ashley Woyak today.

-Dr. Ashley Woyak, Forward Natural Medicine