Madison Hormone Help: Change Your Eating Habits To Balance Hormones

Sometimes, a person may feel as if their body is not in a natural state of balance. They may feel generally unwell. They may have had their hormone levels tested and had their test results come back in the range of normal, and so they are sent on their way. They may feel as if they do not have a “large” complaint, so they feel silly for returning to their healthcare provider for what appears to be a small health concern. 

For instance, a woman might feel silly for going to the doctor to report that her menstrual periods are much lighter and shorter than they used to be. But the truth is that she should definitely see her functional medicine doctor for a change in menstrual periods. Her body is trying to tell her that there has been a shift in the hormones which regulate her reproductive system. 

Another person might have pimples which are painfully swollen, and perhaps their first thought is that they should visit a dermatologist. It turns out that the underlying cause of these large, painful bumps can be a hormonal imbalance. Hormones control and regulate just about every function in the human body, so it is important that they stay in their typical state of balance. 

If you have been feeling unwell, and you suspect that your hormones are out of balance, there are some foods and herbs that you can eat in order to help restore your natural balance. First, you want to support and boost your liver. It works very hard to process everything that you take in, as well as to break down excess hormones. If your body is making too many hormones and causing you to feel unwell, then you want your liver to be functioning at its very best so that it can break down the extra hormones. 

Crunchy vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale and cabbage release phytonutrients which help the liver work hard. Also, garlic and onions contain sulfur compounds which make them have a strong odor, but those same sulfur compounds also give your liver a boost, so make sure to put them on your menu. 

Before you begin taking any herbs, it is very important that you discuss them with your functional medicine doctor. Some herbs may cause a reaction when taken with some medications. Some herbs may also reduce the efficacy of some medications. For your health and safety, ask your practitioner about any herbs before you begin taking them. 

Ask about milk thistle seeds, which can be sprinkled whole onto other foods, or about dandelion root or burdock root, both of which can be made into teas for drinking. If you are told by your healthcare provider that it is fine for you to use these herbs, then give them a try because they are very good at helping the liver to rid itself of any extra junk that’s been hanging around. 

There are other foods and herbs that can help your body restore its hormonal balance. All you need to do is make an appointment with your functional medicine doctor and ask about them. Your practitioner is here to help you feel better and has lots of ideas and suggestions for you—all you have to do is ask.