Madison Hormone Help: Alternative Forms Of Hormone Care

Imagine this: Each day you wake up feeling fatigued, even after you get a good night’s sleep. You go to your regular doctor, but they tell you everything is fine and that perhaps these feelings are all in your head. Maybe they write you a prescription, but you never end up feeling any better. You know something is wrong but aren’t quite sure what is going on because your regular doctor is little to no help at all. In a situation like this, it’s easy to feel helpless, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By seeing a functional medicine doctor who has experience with hormones, you may be able to get the help you seek.

In-Depth Care

One question you’re almost certainly wondering is, “what is a functional medicine doctor?” Unfortunately, a lot of people are not familiar with these professionals, and that means they haven’t yet experienced the quality of care that they can offer. This type of practitioner focuses on finding the underlying causes of your symptoms, instead of just masking them through the use of random prescriptions. Instead of brushing you off and sending you out of the office, a functional medicine doctor will ask you a lot of questions, not only about how you are feeling, but also your past medical history.

In addition to this, they will run a large panel of tests that are actually designed to see what imbalances are present in your body. Why is it so important to understand your body’s imbalances? Because they play a key role in your body functioning as a whole together. Think of it like a bicycle: if just one part isn’t working properly, then you aren’t going to be able to ride it comfortably! Your body’s functions and hormones need to all be running properly in order for you to feel good, or else you could easily suffer as a result. 

Hormone Care with Forward Natural Medicine 

Too many people are under-cared for because they only go and see their regular doctors when they aren’t feeling right. While regular doctors certainly are helpful for many things, sometimes it’s best to let other care providers take over. Functional medicine doctors spend many years studying the body’s internal systems, and how they work together to make you live and breathe. Once they are able to analyze your test results, they will have more insight as to what is not working right, and how they can address that problem properly.

For many people, they have hormonal imbalances that are greatly contributing to the way they are feeling. Once they are able to take advantage of natural wellness plans that balance the hormones out, they are able to feel much better than they ever did before. Your hormones could likely be playing a role in your feelings of sickness, but how will you know until you see a functional medicine provider? It’s worth it to at least make an appointment and go in for a consultation, because that can give you a lot of insight and help you learn a lot more about any internal imbalances you might have.