Madison Bone and Joint Pain Help: How to Eliminate Chronic Knee Pain

If you suffer from chronic knee pain, it’s likely you know how stubborn the condition can be—and how frustrating. Conventional medicine typically offers a very limited number of options: medications for pain and inflammation, and possibly surgery. Yet medications often fail to help chronic, degenerative knee pain, whether taken orally or by injection. For many patients and for a variety of reasons, invasive procedures such as surgery may seem too risky. 

Today there is another option if you’re seeking lasting relief from knee pain without side effects or risks to your health. Functional medicineis an alternative health care choice to consider, as it can likely help you achieve the results you’ve been seeking for some time. A practitioner who is trained in functional medicine takes a comprehensive approach to helping patients. He will focus not only on your knee, but on other areas and systems of your body that may be involved in your knee pain, even though you may be unaware of the connections. 

This type of health care includes in-depth assessment via a complete neurological examination to examine your specific condition. The neurological exam is a key part of assessment, because the body functions as a whole. Your area of complaint may be the knee, but the knee does not function as an isolated part of a machine that independently breaks down. If you’re also suffering with hip pain, back problems, or other health issues, you’ll feel much better if therapy focuses on improving all of them. 

Once any deficiencies, imbalances or dysfunctions within the body that are affecting your health are identified, highly effective therapies can be used to help you feel better. Best of all, this doesn’t involve a trial and error process, or a “wait and see” approach. If you work with the right functional wellness practitioner, you’ll be guaranteed measurable results in just two visits. 

The therapies a functional medicine practitioneruses to eliminate chronic knee pain are safe and natural as well as effective. Functional medicine and laser therapy are two highly advanced options that when used in combination in therapeutic programs, have been proven to yield great results. You can achieve greater mobility, heal, and eliminate pain without side effects, risks, or invasive procedures. 

If functional medicinefor chronic knee pain sounds too good to be true, think again. Functional medicine practitioners take the time that’s needed to properly evaluate every patient. They rely on comprehensive assessment tools and tests to understand your very specific overall condition. You may be accustomed to health care that’s failed to help with your stubborn knee pain, but that shouldn’t be what you expect or settle for when it comes to therapeutic care.

Advanced technology is at the core of the non-invasive healing therapies functional medicine offers. Discover the difference a comprehensive approach combined with today’s latest advances in knee pain management can make.