Madison Bone and Joint Pain Help: Best Non-Invasive Care for Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain can range from inconvenient to extremely debilitating. An individual struggling with knee pain may find their lifestyle is greatly limited, but the solutions being offered—surgery, for many—seem just as problematic as the knee condition itself. 

Maybe you’ve been told surgery is your only option or you’re simply tired of relying on pain medications and dealing with side effects. If you feel like you’re out of choices, consider working with a practitioner who is trained in functional medicine. Even if yours is ‘the worst of the worst’ cases physicians have seen, a different approach may help.

Functional medicineis a different type of health care that’s often very successful with chronic conditions such as knee pain. Instead of focusing exclusively on evaluating and providing therapeutic support for the knee alone, a functional medicine practitionerwill take a broader approach. Consider that knee problems are often quite complex, despite the appearance of very localized pain. It may involve problems with your lower legs, hip, feet and back. Ultimately, knee pain also involves the brain, as that is the true source of pain—where it’s actually felt. 

The only way to discover the multiple factors playing into your knee problem and to identify exactly what is going on in your body is through in-depth assessment. Comprehensive care begins with a very thorough evaluation. Methodical testing can provide a complete overview of your condition as it pinpoints dysfunctions and imbalances. Once you’ve been evaluated, it’s possible for a functional medicine practitioner to gain a full understanding of your condition. 

The big picture provided by a comprehensive evaluation allows the practitioner to then develop a therapeutic strategy to help restore function and promote healing. Any dysfunctions or deficiencies that are impacting your condition will be addressed, so you begin to feel better fast. Rapid healing can occur when therapeutic support is targeted in highly customized ways. Invasive therapies or procedures are not necessary. 

A practitioner who is trained in functional medicinewill rely on advanced technology and the latest research and developments in helping patients recover from chronic knee pain. Therapeutic programs and laser therapy involve no risks and have been proven clinically to help knee pain patients—even when other types of therapies have failed. In most cases, patients experience relief in as few as two therapy sessions. The improvements are not only swift, they are sustainable. 

If you’d like to take advantage of non-invasive care for your knee pain, seek the support of a functional medicine practitioner. Find out whether or not you may be able to benefit from this unique approach to health care. It may turn out to be the best option for your chronic condition.