Madison Bone and Joint Pain Help: Best Management of Knee Pain

If you suffer chronic knee pain, you probably know that it often involves much more than discomfort. Regardless of how much pain medication you take, it’s likely your ability to move around freely is restricted. Walking, standing, climbing or descending stairs, and even sleeping can cause such extreme pain, you may find yourself literally left “immobile.” Pain can inhibit movement, even if mobility is still possible. 

Those with debilitating, degenerative knee pain often find little relief, despite their best efforts to recover. Pain and anti-inflammatory medication eventually stops working, or involves so many side effects and health risks, it fails as a long term solution. Meanwhile, the thought of injections or surgery seem incredibly risky. If the health care system has failed to offer you relief so far, it’s understandable why you’re reluctant to try more invasive options, another drug, or subject yourself to more pain in the name of living pain-free. 

There is a much better choice for the management of knee pain – one that is safe, natural, drug-free and non-invasive. Many individuals suffering with various knee problems are able to recover with an approach to health care that is comprehensive. Functional medicine practitioners focus on getting to the root cause of dysfunction in the body as a whole, rather than exclusively examining one area of complaint. Providing customized, comprehensive care and support is a unique approach that helps patients feel better faster and enjoy the benefits of great results long term. 

Many different conditions may cause chronic, degenerative knee pain. Surprisingly, with a thorough whole body examination, functional medicine practitioners often find there is much more going on with knee pain patients than what appears to be arthritis, or bursitis, or some other “cause” of knee pain. A complete neurological exam provides in-depth information about how your body’s systems are functioning. 

If you have a brain-based disorder, but you’re only receiving care for pain in the knee, how can you expect to feel better? Although symptoms such as anxiety, depression or insomnia may seem unrelated to knee pain, all dysfunctions or disorders in the body that are resulting in symptoms are affecting your health. A practitioner who is educated in functional medicinecan assist with restoring function and facilitating balance throughout your entire body. This is the big advantage and the reason why functional medicine practitioners often yields better results than traditional models of medical care. 

The best functional medicine practitioner will rely on in-depth, extensive testing to determine exactly what is going on with your health, including your knee. Once the practitioner has a thorough understanding of your condition, there are a variety of therapies and techniques that can help. You can benefit from today’s most advanced technology by working with a functional medicine practitioner. Laser therapy and functional medicineare two options for knee pain management that are proven to produce dramatic pain relief while promoting and stimulating healing, especially when used in combination. Look forward to better results in less time by opting for functional medicine.