Madison ADHD/ADD Help: Answers To ADHD Questions

Do you have a lot of questions about ADHD, whether they are for yourself, your children or a member of your family? Since this condition is becoming more and more common, it’s no wonder why so many people are asking more questions about what it is and how it can be managed. If you have been asking questions to your doctor but aren’t getting answers, then a functional neurologist is worth visiting. Their careers are based on helping their patients become empowered with their own health care; so you can expect that they will answer your questions and give you the facts that you need. In the meantime, the common questions below can give you a lot of insight into this condition and how you can find help to manage it.

Are medications the only options for feeling better?

A lot of people think that the only option they have for dealing with ADHD is to take prescription medications that their general physician gives them. Fortunately this is not the case when you visit a functional neurologist. They will introduce you to unique solutions that may help you avoid taking medications while being able to manage your condition. These solutions will depend on what your body needs specifically, and will only be given after you are provided with comprehensive testing. The solutions are designed to help your body and brain run like they should by healing the problem at the root.

One of the most popular solutions that functional neurologist take advantage of is Neurofeedback Therapy. This monitors the brain and maps out the areas that are not performing “normally” because they are either under-stimulated or over-stimulated. When your practitioner knows this information, they will be able to hook you up to a computer monitor that constantly scans your brainwaves as you’re doing various activities. When the monitor notices that your brainwaves are starting to stray from normal, it will produce a cue that helps get the brain back on track.

Why do medications make me feel sick?

The majority of individuals who take medications for their ADHD end up suffering from a laundry list of side effects. This is because those medications are not designed to heal the body, but to simply cover up the symptoms that are experienced due to this condition. Functional neurologyis different because it shifts the focus to the root cause, and focuses on determining what can be done to heal the body and brain where they have imbalances or dysfunctions. As a result, you may end up feeling better all without suffering from the side effects that ADHD medications are so well known for.

The right type of therapy for you combined with whole-body care can make all the difference with how you live your daily life. You can discuss this with your functional neurologistright away, and start exploring what solutions might be right for you. Why should you have to live your life suffering with ADHD symptoms when there are drug-free solutions that could help you live better?