Madison ADD/ADHD Help: Parenting Tips For Helping Your Child With ADD

If you’re a parent looking for ways to help your child with ADD or ADHD, consider consulting with a functional neurologist.If you’ve suspected there’s more that can be done than what you’ve been told, it’s likely you’re right. Today, standard medical care typically addresses ADD/ADHD through drug therapy and talk therapy, or a combination of both. Yet, even if this approach yields good results, it’s at best an incomplete solution. Unfortunately, many of the medications used to manage ADD symptoms involve unwanted side effects. Some also present serious health risks—especially with long term use. 

Functional neurologytakes a different, unique approach to ADD and ADHD that is safe, does not involve any side effects or potential health risks, and is proven effective. It’s a great choice for parents who want additional options, including those whose children have not responded well to drug or talk therapy. 

You may have heard about the importance of lifestyle interventions in helping kids with ADHD. Parents who are seeking answers end up trying special diets, or dietary restrictions they hope will help their child. It’s likely as a parent, you’ve researched stress management and the importance of schedules and routines, including those that support good sleep habits. While you may have done the best you could to make use of every possible avenue for helping your child, it’s difficult to achieve great results and maximum benefits with a trial-and-error approach. 

A functional neurologist can allow you to utilize lifestyle interventions such as nutritional support much more effectively, because there is no guesswork involved. Your child will benefit from a comprehensive evaluation that includes in-depth testing. It is possible to get to the bottom of ADHD symptoms with the right approach. Once it’s clear what is causing the problem, changes can be brought about in safe, natural ways by supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. 

If your child is suffering with an imbalance in neurotransmitters for instance, targeted supplements can be just as effective as amphetamines or other drugs commonly given to ADHD kids. Supplements are safe and natural: they do not involve unwanted side effects or health risks. At the same time, if it’s determined your child is struggling with a nutritional imbalance due to a problem in the digestive tract such as leaky gut syndrome that can be addressed safely and naturally, too, through very specific dietary adjustments. 

Brain-based therapies can also be utilized to give your child the benefit of neurological rehabilitation. Facilitating optimum connection, communication and function throughout the different areas of the brain and between the brain and the body has been proven to help children struggling with ADD and ADHD symptoms.

Many advances have been made in brain science in recent years that have important implications for the best ways to manage ADD and ADHD. Today parents can take advantage of new options for helping their kids with safe, natural care that is often highly effective. Functional neurologyoffers the type of targeted, customized therapeutic support that may significantly improve quality of life for your child and your family.