Madison ADD/ADHD Help: How to Choose An ADD/ADHD Doctor

Learning that you have ADD/ADHD can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to mean you’re out of options. With the help of a great care provider you can learn how to achieve better health and live well despite your condition. But, in order for that to happen, you need to find the right care provider. Fortunately this doesn’t have to be like finding a needle in a haystack if you know what to look for. Some of the most important things your care provider should offer include:

  1. Comprehensive Testing

In order to determine where imbalances and other underlying issues in your body are, a full panel of testing is required. This should include a complete brain evaluation as well, because this plays a major role in ADD/ADHD. Once this testing is completed, the underlying issues that were found can finally be addressed. 

  • Personalized Care

Being treated like just another number is something that no patient deserves. You are unique from anyone else, and so is your body. If you are not being given the individualized care that you need, then go elsewhere for help. Simply ask future care providers if they customize their solutions for each patient, and if they don’t, then you’ll know they aren’t the right fit for you. 

  • Drug-Free Care

Some people don’t mind taking ADD/ADHD medications, but they are certainly not for everyone. If you’re concerned about the risks of taking these and want solutions that actually help heal your body and brain, then you need to work with someone who offers drug-free care. It is out there, so don’t assume you have to settle.

4. Honest Advice

No care provider should tell you that you’re going to experience results overnight. It takes time to heal the body, and that’s something you should be told up front. What they should instead tell you is that they will work with you until you start experiencing positive changes. This might be a month or it might be several months, depending on the severity of your underlying issues. Honesty is important with health care, and it’s something you deserve.

  • Evidence of Progress

If you want to physically see how you’re progressing, then ask your care provider if they can show you evidence of this. They should be able to explain how they use testing to show actual proof of improvements. This will allow you to see how far you come, from the beginning of using their care, to the end.

The easiest way to find someone who offers all of these things is by going to a functional neurologist.They value high quality care because they understand how important it is, and they have a variety of solutions that may be able to help you. Even if you’re not sure they will be the right choice for you, give them a chance. Most people who do so generally end up sticking with them when they realize how comprehensive, effective and unique their care is.