Madison ADD/ADHD Help: Help For Women With ADD/ADHD

If you’re a woman struggling with ADD/ADHD, symptoms may be compromising your quality of life in multiple ways. Impulsiveness and impatience, a brief attention span and restlessness are just some of the challenges that can make it difficult to thrive at work and at home. Fortunately, it’s possible to dramatically improve the way you feel and live day to day with the right type of support for ADD/ADHD.

The most common approach to ADD/ADHD is to attempt to manage symptoms with medications. Maybe you’ve already tried or are taking stimulant medications or antidepressants for symptoms. In some cases, drug therapy seems to work—it helps minimize symptoms. Sometimes it fails to make a difference however, and in other instances it seems to help for a while, but then stops managing symptoms effectively. 

Whether drug therapy has helped your symptoms or not in the past or is doing so in the present, it’s worth considering an alternative type of support for ADHD. All medications present a risk for side effects. In the case of medications typically prescribed for ADD and ADHD symptoms, side effects may include mood disturbances such as depression, or uncommon irritability or aggression. Some patients experience obsessive-compulsive behavior. Insomnia is another extremely difficult side effect for women to live with. 

Drugs used to manage ADD/ADHD may also cause nausea and vomiting, constipation or diarrhea. Blurred vision, headaches and even convulsions are other potential side effects of some ADD/ADHD medicines. Hypertension and the possibility of cardiac arrhythmia are two additional concerns and potential risks to your health if you’re taking certain drugs for ADD/ADHD.

If you’d like to avoid side effects and potential health risks altogether, you need care that does not rely on prescription drugs to be effective. Women can seek the support of a functional neurologist for safe, natural and effective care for ADD/ADHD symptoms. A functional neurologist will focus on helping you feel better by actually improving your health. Symptoms are alleviated as your condition improves. There’s no attempt to mask symptoms with medications, and there is no risk of side-effects or health problems with this type of care. 

A functional neurologist will focus on determining exactly what is causing your condition and symptoms. A comprehensive evaluation that includes in-depth lab testing and a neurological exam will provide full information about your health and condition—what’s causing it, and how it’s affecting and being affected by the various systems and organs in your body that are involved. 

Next your practitioner will work closely with you toward restoring balance and facilitating proper function in order to improve your health. Your care plan may include dietary or nutritional interventions, a program of stress reduction, lifestyle adjustments or other types of natural therapeutic support. Your program will be completely customized to your unique and precise needs, and you can look forward to measurable results. Functional neurology offers women who struggle with ADD/ADHD a safe, natural and lasting solution for optimal health and quality of life.