Madison ADD/ADHD Help: Comprehensive Care For ADD and ADHD

ADHD can be a challenging disorder to manage. Adults who are affected by ADD or ADHD often have a hard time staying focused, organizing and completing tasks, managing emotions and with impulsiveness. This is turn, leads to problems with their job, relationships and everyday life; sometimes resulting in depression, mood swings and even substance abuse or addiction. Children may have trouble with discipline, behavior and performance in school. This can result in depression, difficulties making friends and problems with low self-esteem. 

Traditional medicine doesn’t offer many options for ADHD other than medication. Unfortunately, medication can cause some unwanted side effects. There is also concern when it comes to drugging the brain, especially for children. It’s recommended that you do your research before starting any sort of treatment for ADHD. Fortunately, there are drug-free options for managing ADD and ADHD. 

The field of functional neurologyis offering patients care for their ADHD that is natural, safe and drug-free. ADHD is actually a brain disorder, and these practitioners have extensive training in brain function that helps them understand how to repair imbalances that occur in the brain. They offer brain-based therapies that are safe and effective and designed to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD so that patients can reclaim their normal lives.

Care begins with comprehensive physical and neurological evaluation and may also include laboratory testing. Because these providers are trained on the brain-body connection, they understand that there may be imbalances in your other body systems that could be contributing to your ADHD, so they want to evaluate your body as an entire operating system as opposed to just managing your symptoms.

Your care plan may include natural therapies and lifestyle changes that are designed to benefit your specific needs. You may also receive Neurofeedback, which is a form of computer-assisted therapy that helps your brain learn to restore its communication pathways in a natural way. All of this is done without the use of drugs or medication, and patients are having great success in achieving long-term results.

Your functional neurologistwill also take the time to educate you about your condition so that you have the knowledge and understanding to make educated decisions for yourself in the future; and you’re also able to effectively manage your condition on your own for a lifetime. If you’re looking for a natural way to manage your ADHD and reclaim your life, take the time to learn how functional neurologymight be able to help you.