How To Get To The Root Cause Of Your Digestive Disorder

Everyone has experienced the discomfort of occasional stomachaches or other common stomach issues, but for those who suffer from digestive disorders, things are much worse. On nearly a daily basis these patients have to deal with unpleasant symptoms, including: bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. These can cause interruptions in daily life, which is why it’s so important to find effective solutions to help you feel better. Fortunately there are many solutions out there, but it takes the right care provider to determine which ones are right for you.

Selecting Your Care Provider

While your traditional care provider is someone you should see when you feel under the weather or need a checkup, a naturopathic doctor is the best choice for help with digestive disorders. Their in-depth approach to care, focus on addressing the root cause of the issue, and experience with digestive issues in particular is something you won’t find with typical care providers. Their priority is to help each of their patients find the most effective solutions for them.

Finding Effective Solutions

When you first meet with a naturopathic doctor they’ll ask you about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, but they won’t stop there. To determine the underlying causes of those symptoms, they’ll provide you with comprehensive tests for your entire body rather than just one area. By taking the focus off of the digestive system they’ll be able to learn about any imbalances, dysfunctions, conditions, or deficiencies that are contributing to the problems you’ve been experiencing.

Many people are surprised to learn that their digestive problems stem from health issues they weren’t even aware of. Fortunately when you learn about the underlying health issues that are unique to you, you can start addressing them with the help of your practitioner. They’ll give you a personalized wellness plan that can help heal and restore your health. And while you won’t know which solutions will help you until your individual test results have been analyzed, some of the most common include:

1.Addressing Food Allergies

Many people suffer from food allergies (like gluten intolerance) without even realizing it, and that can contribute to digestive issues that seemingly come from nowhere. By having a naturopathic doctor give you allergy testing, you’ll learn about any food groups you should avoid so your digestive system can heal and start functioning properly again.

2.Restore Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances can get in the way of a properly functioning digestive system, which is why naturopathic doctors test for imbalances at the start of your care. If they find there is a problem, they’ll work to restore it naturally.

Other Common Solutions:

– Eliminate Leaky Gut  

– Make Dietary Changes  

– Address Infections

Prioritizing Your Health

To learn more about your digestive issues and health in general, make an appointment with a naturopathic doctor. From the very start of your time with them you’ll see that they prioritize patient education and work hard to find solutions that are personalized for you.