Drug-Free Solutions For IBS

IBS might not be a pleasant topic to talk about, but it’s a very common disorder that affects millions of people across the country. In addition to causing abdominal pain on a regular basis, it can also cause a number of other digestive issues that make daily life stressful, embarrassing, and uncomfortable. This can understandably leave anyone seeking relief, which is why most patients turn to their regular care providers for help. Unfortunately they are generally ill-equipped to provide comprehensive care, which is why it’s worthwhile to explore alternative care.

Where to Find Help

Naturopathic doctors are some of the best resources when it comes to learning more about your IBS. This is because they make in-depth care a priority and don’t use prescription drugs that don’t actually heal the problem. Their approach to dealing with this disorder is personalized, meaning you get the quality of care that you both need and deserve. If you’ve never sought this form of alternative care, then you’ll be delighted to learn how it works, starting with comprehensive testing.

  1. 1.Testing

While you might have been tested for a variety of digestive issues by your traditional care provider, what you likely aren’t told is that those tests are often too broad to determine the exact cause of your symptoms. This is why naturopathic doctors provide extensive testing for the entire body. This can help them learn about any possible dysfunctions, deficiencies, or imbalances that may be contributing to the IBS symptoms. 

  1. 2.Analyzing Results

One of the best parts of the approach that naturopathic doctors take is that they spend time discussing the results with you. They’ll show you actual evidence of the root cause of the issue, whether you have leaky gut syndrome, food allergies, a hormonal imbalance, or a condition that’s contributing to your IBS. Through this information they’ll be able to naturally address each and every underlying issue without dangerous prescription drugs.

  1. 3.Address the Root Cause of the Problem

The next step in naturopathic care is to eliminate the underlying problems by addressing each of them specifically. For example, if you had food allergies contributing to your IBS, you would stop eating foods within that group. And if you were deficient in vitamins that were necessary for a healthy digestive system, you would start implementing those into your diet. These little changes can make a big difference with IBS overall, and may lead to decreased symptoms and improved health in the future.

A Care Provider You Can Rely On

A naturopathic doctor will be someone you can rely on for quality care, personalized advice, and effective IBS solutions. With their help you may be able to improve your symptoms and see vast changes with your health, but it requires 100% commitment on your part. Fortunately if you do so, it can be worth it when you’re able to take better care of yourself and enjoy life without as many digestive problems getting in your way.