Childhood Developmental Disorders

Overcoming ADD/ADHD at Forward Natural Medicine

Almost 20 million children in the United States are affected by a developmental disorder such as ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, or Autism Spectrum Disorder.  ADD/ADHD are the most common with almost 10% of children impacted.  Unfortunately medications such as Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse are not helping in the long term.  Research shows that achievement scores, GPA, or repeating a grade are not any different in kids who take medication compared with those who don't.  Medicating children will not get to the root cause of these disorders and guardians should know there are other options for children.

​Several possible causes for developmental disorders include the following:

• Neurological imbalances in the brain
• Toxin exposures
• Poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, or food sensitivities
• Thyroid function
• Poor immune system
• Overexposure to electronics
• Stress
• And more...

​In our clinic we order proper lab work to determine underlying metabolic components that may be causing the condition.  We also utilize functional neurology for the management and support of neurological conditions.  This is based on the principle of neuroplasticity, meaning the brain can be changed with correct activation, regardless of age.

​If you or a child have a neurological disorder please watch our education videos and click on our blog posts.

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