Becoming A Patient

- An Introduction

Individuals who are interested in becoming a patient can either give us a call or request for us to call them. During our initial conversation, we'll discuss what the major concerns are and then ask questions about overall health. In addition to this, we also try to gauge how motivated each potential patient is to make permanent lifestyle changes, as these are important parts of the way that we work.

- Consultation

The first visit will be a free 15-minute consult where you can learn more about how our office works. This is one of the best ways for you to determine if you’re a good fit for the type of approach we offer. This also gives Dr. Woyak a chance to learn a little bit about you and make sure she can provide you with the care you deserve.

- Exams and Testing

When you begin working with Dr. Woyak, you’ll be given any necessary exams and tests that are required to gain more insight into your health. You will also have ample time to discuss your concerns and ask questions. In addition to this, we’ll provide you with all educational resources that can better help you understand your health.

- Beginning Care

Once you’ve finished testing and exams, you’ll officially be able to get started with your care plan. Dry. Woyak will walk you through the solutions that are right for you and provide detailed information about each. As your health progresses your appointments will be less frequent, although we’ll still have you in to update your test results.

Making a Change

The steps that are taken to become a patient in our office are designed to ensure you know what to expect when you begin working with us. With the initial consultation, you’ll get a better idea of our approach and whether it’s the right fit for you. That can help make sure you have the motivation to continue on and find out how Dr. Woyak can help you.

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